Loaf Pans

In 2014, SOLUT! proudly introduced our newly developed technology in manufacturing a new line of disposable, bakeable paper-based loaf pans. With our unique designer print pattern on grease resistant paper, along with a unique design aimed at reinforcing the sidewall strength to minimize side expansion of your baked product, our new loaf pan is perfect for baking pound cakes, banana breads, and zucchini breads. SOLUT! loaf pans offer an attractive, cost-effective, and functional means of baking, transporting, merchandising, and serving all kinds of bakeable breads. Importantly, our disposable loaf pans are the only disposable trays on the market Made in the USA under our strict food quality standards, are not imported from overseas like all of our competitors, and are maintained in stock for quick delivery.

SOLUT! Loaf Pans Features & Benefits:

  • Natural brown color paper, with designer print pattern for upscale presentation
  • Made in the USA!
  • Made with grease resistant paper that resists grease wicking and spotting
  • No assembly required, simply fill and bake
  • Constructed of 100% paper and FDA compliant adhesives, our loaf pans are perfect for use in applications requiring metal detectors
  • Safe for cooking or reheating in both microwave and conventional ovens
  • Excellent value, an economical alternative to imports
  • New sizes coming soon, and custom sizes can be developed for your sizable application. Please call to further discuss.
  • Compare to Novacart PM178

Product Description

Item Code Items/ Case Case Weight Cases/ Pallet Tray size Material
Loaf pans:
370 15 20 7.06 x 2.94 x 2.00  Printed Kraft Tray
370 17 20 8.79 x 4.37 x 1.61  PET - Smooth Wall Lids
380 12 30 5.88 x 2.56 x 1.88 Printed Kraft Tray