Natural Kraft Sheet Cake Trays

Our convenient preformed stock line of Kraft baking sheet trays require no assembly. Offering a unique and cost-effective alternative to traditional foil, metal, CPET, and erected corrugated trays, SOLUT!'s baking sheet trays are available in a variety of stock sizes. Kraft Natural bakeware trays are made with recycled and renewable unbleached corrugated paperboard materials with a thin coating that offers excellent product release properties. These trays offer superior strength and rigidity in freezer to oven (and microwave!) applications. Avoid the high costs of metal detection problems experienced with traditional foil pans and the costs of washing and storing metal pans. Our Bakeware trays are preformed and nested so there is no leaking or set-up labor costs as with erected corrugated trays. Kraft Natural Bakeware trays offer a great functional packaging option for all your foodservice bakery applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dual ovenable (microwave and conventional oven) up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 1 hour (can be hotter or longer depending on the application)
  • Cost-effective and sustainable alternative to CPET, foil, metal, and traditional paperboard trays
  • Natural kraft color to communicate environmental benefits
  • Excellent product release often eliminates the cost of applying separate release coating
  • Improves metal detection efficiency
  • Made with recycled, renewable resources
  • No assembly required eliminates set-up labor costs
  • Quick-touch handling immediately after baking

Product Description

Item Code Items/ Case Case Weight Cases/ Pallet Tray Depth/ Dome Height Material
Entrée/ 1/8 sheet (Top Out Dimension 8.31" x 6.03")
360 16.5 40 1.13" Kraft E-Flute Trays
180 12 40 1.2" PET- Smooth Wall Lids
Quarter Sheet (Top Out Dimension 12.75" x 8.875")
200 24 28 1.25" Kraft E-Flute Trays
100 8 24 2.25" OPS- Ribbed Lids
100 9 36 1.35" PET – Ribbed Lids
Half Sheet (Top Out Dimension 18" x 13")
100 23 35 1.25" Kraft E-Flute Trays