SOLUT! Sustainable Food Packaging

At SOLUT!, we are constantly discussing sustainable food packaging solutions with our customers in various food services like Quick Service Restaurants, Contract Food Packagers, Distributors & Caterers.

Below are commonly asked questions about our thermoformed disposable catering trays, party platters, and party trays, sustainable paper bakeware and our custom disposable bakeware. Simply click on any of the questions below and it will take you directly to the answer.

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Paper Bakeware 101

Because of their wide versatility, SOLUT! disposable baking pans and paper pans have many commercial uses such as disposable sheet cake pans. All of the disposable pans that SOLUT! manufactures are dual-ovenable, environmentally friendly, disposable, and recyclable. Currently, we serve four primary food service segments including Quick Serve Restaurants, Commercial Food Packagers & Processors, Grocery, and Food Distributors. All of our customers have found terrific success using SOLUT! disposable baking pans and paper bakeware.

SOLUT! disposable paper baking pans are replacing many traditional aluminum ¼ sheet and ½ sheet cake pans in many commercial bakeries.  Today you can find SOLUT! paper bakeware, like our pre-formed trays, used for a wide variety of bakery products like brownies and Blondies, large message cookies, Danish, cinnamon rolls, sheet cakes, baklava, quiches, and egg soufflés.

Non-Stick Release for Disposable Sheet Cake Pans

Commercial bakeries are choosing SOLUT! disposable pans for many reasons in addition to its strength, durability and dual-ovenable qualities.  Many SOLUT! paper pans are made with non-stick coatings that yield release characteristics far better than traditional aluminum disposable pans. These non-stick aqueous coatings are particularly desirable when baking any type of dessert.  Paper baking molds, tart pans, disposable sheet cake pans, disposable pie pans, muffin bakeware, and soufflé cups are just a few of the disposable paper pans  that SOLUT! offers.  Commercial bakeries love this feature for sheet cake pans. 

Our Disposable Pans are Environmentally Friendly

Today, most commercial bakeries and their customers are concerned about the sustainability of their food service packaging.  All SOLUT! disposable baking pans, including sheet cake pans, are paper based and fully repulpable and recyclable.   As a company, SOLUT! is very committed to the preservation of the environment and are proud that our paper pans are made primarily from renewable resources. 

Paper Pans Reduce Scanning Time

Because all SOLUT! disposable baking pans are made of paper, metal detection can be completed more efficiently and cost effectively before baked-in products are shipped to the customer.  Using non-metallic, paper based materials reduces the time and cost of expensive scanning equipment.  Many of our customers who use our SOLUT! paper pans love this processing efficiency when using our disposable sheet cake pans.

Attractive Disposable Pans Sell Product

SOLUT! disposable baking pans are very attractive and this helps many of our commercial bakery customers sell more product.  It can be custom-sized to fit your product and custom printed for added brand recognition. 

Best of all, SOLUT! paper pans are affordable and these lower costs help your products stay on budget.  Our sheet cake pans are a fine example of the cost savings you will experience.

With all of these advantages, you can see why many commercial bakeries are choosing SOLUT! disposable baking pans.  Call SOLUT! today to discuss a solution for all of your disposable baking needs.

The simple answer is YES! SOLUT! specializes in manufacturing dual-ovenable paper bakeware products, both custom and standard paper pans.  In fact, disposable paper bakeware is ideal for use in both conventional and microwave ovens. Paper has long been used for baking products, and SOLUT! commercial disposable bakeware and baking pans are made with renewable corrugated paperboard materials designed specifically for use from freezer to oven to table service. Conditions can vary, but typically, disposable paper pans can safely withstand temperatures of up to 400° F for up to one hour of cooking (and often longer). 

Paper Bakeware is a Competitive solution

Most of our SOLUT! disposable bakeware products were custom designed to satisfy the demand of our customers who were primarily seeking cost-competitive alternatives to foil, metal, CPET, plastic bakeware and even standard corrugated assembled bakeware. While we specialize in developing custom applications, we also stock a complete line of paper bakeware, including our Natural Kraft and Black Elegance disposable cookware. Today, our paper bakeware is used by numerous commercial bakeries, food packer-processors and quick-serve restaurants for baking sheet cakes, cinnamon rolls, quiche, frozen microwavable entrees, bread, pies and egg soufflés, and many others.

Our Kraft line of paper bakeware was created with renewable unbleached corrugated paperboard to vividly communicate environmental benefits.  We utilize FDA-compliant, aqueous coatings specially designed to deliver excellent release of baked food from the paper food surface of our disposable bakeware. Our Black Elegance line of disposable cookware provides the same outstanding baking performance while utilizing a thin layer of laminated PET film for a superior liquid barrier and a premium black appearance. 

Another important characteristic that differentiates SOLUT! paper baking pans and trays is that our patented corrugated forming technologies provide exceptional insulative properties. Utilizing the wavy flutes inherent in corrugated paper, our thermoformed disposable bakeware enables food to stay hotter longer – and disposable paper pans are cool to the touch after baking. 

In addition to our line of corrugated paper bakeware, SOLUT! also manufactures paper baking molds, cups and sustainable food packaging that is formed from single-ply, solid paperboard. Our solid paperboard trays are also designed for conventional or microwave baking - perfect for individual servings particularly when exceptional corrugated strength is not required, Again, numerous FDA-compliant food surface coatings are available to solve your requirements for product release or holdout from liquids and grease.

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Paper Bakeware Usage Guidelines

SOLUT!’s line of dual ovenable paper bakeware trays are intended for use in residential and commercial conventional ovens using gas and electric, as well as in microwave ovens.

Our disposable bakeware can be used in the following acceptable range of times and temperatures from – 40 degrees Fahrenheit indefinitely to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 60 minutes depending upon the type of food product and the food load contained in the tray. SOLUT! disposable cookware should not be subjected to use in compact, portable or “toaster” ovens. SOLUT! paper bakeware should never be placed under a broiler or on the lower rack position of any oven nor should they ever be positioned to touch the walls of the oven. SOLUT! disposable commercial bakeware should never be reused for any purpose in a gas or electric oven.

For best results, SOLUT! paper bakeware, although based upon years of experience and testing, should be tested using the actual tray materials, food ingredients and conditions as intended to be used by the customer. Actual temperatures and times using paper bakeware trays may be significantly less than the maximum indicated above based upon the food ingredients and food loads. Only testing by the customer will determine actual limitations of use appropriate for each product.

Call SOLUT! today to discuss a disposable bakeware solution that is right for your product.

SOLUT! paper baking trays are environmentally responsible. All of our products are made predominantly of paper - recyclable and of course derived from wood fiber, our abundant renewable resource. Sustainable food packaging is important to a growing number of conscientious food processors and commercial bakeries, and they are turning to SOLUT! for answers.

SOLUT! paper trays are disposable. We expect that our disposable food trays will be used only once. Because they are made of paper, all of our products can be recycled, where recycling facities exist.

SOLUT! paper baking trays are strong and durable. Though many paper trays are currently used in the food service market, most utilize single wall paper which has limited strength. SOLUT! forms singlewall, solid paperboard as well, however, we have the unique capability to form corrugated paper which is strong and rigid. Corrugated paper is used to package extremely heavy items such as refrigerators.

SOLUT! paper food trays are smooth and seamless which eliminates leaking and allows trays to fit snugly into each other for reduced labor, freight and storage costs. Conventional corrugated technology is only able to fold along a straight line. Consequently a corrugated tray made with conventional technology will have square corners and one or more glued seams. Using our patented technology, we thermoform the sheet of corrugated board which literally forms the rigid sheet into shapes like plates, bowls, disposable party trays and baking trays.

SOLUT! paper baking trays are leak-proof. Our research and development staff has an in-depth understanding of coatings and laminates. From using a very thin laminate of PET plastic on the interior of the tray (creating virtual impermeability to liquids) to aqueous coatings (offering varying resistance to liquids), we can provide the most appropriate, cost-effective solution.

SOLUT! paper baking trays are dual oven-able. Our trays can be placed in the microwave or conventional oven up to 400 degrees (or higher, depending on food content) for up to an hour.

SOLUT! paper food trays are attractive. Unlike plastic and aluminum, our trays are easily printed to make them as attractive as the customer desires. Unlike other corrugated trays, corners are smooth and round, and there is no ugly seam. With a thin PET plastic laminate, the tray can be given a glossy sheen.

SOLUT! paper trays do not set off metal detectors. Many commercial bakeries utilize metal detection equipment to detect metal contamination in their baked goods. The detection process is difficult if the product is in a typical metal commercial baking pan. Our trays completely eliminate that problem.

SOLUT! also offers excellent release characteristics. For tough applications such as brownies or certain breads, we have the release coating that will work.

All SOLUT! food trays can be customized. We are not the type of company that offers a catalog of products such as commercial bakeware or even disposable bakeware but then refuses to deviate from that catalog. We love the challenge of creating the right solution for a new application, particularly in the category of food service packaging. Custom packaging often requires tooling investments and minimum order quantities, and are ideal for larger volume opportunities.

As you can see, SOLUT! provides a unique solution to many issues that challenge bakeries, food processors, delis, restaurants and many others. Our products are paper based, environmentally friendly, strong, and attractive. Whether you are looking for sustainable solutions, disposable packaging, elimination of typical metal baking pans or quote a custom paper baking tray, please give us a call at 1 (877) 609-9450.

SOLUT! disposable paper food trays are a unique, reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly packaging alternative to plastic, CPET, aluminum foil, hard metal, and traditional paper and corrugated paper trays.

Maximum Strength & Rigidity

SOLUT! commercial baking trays are made with corrugated paperboard to provide maximum strength and rigidity in standard large format sizes such as a ¼ sheet cake and 1/2 sheet cake tray.  Our disposable party trays and plates utilize the same unique corrugated paperboard construction as our commercial baking trays and paper food trays to provide excellent strength and rigidity in standard large format sizes such as 16” and 18” round party trays.

Large & Small Sizes

In addition to the large format stock paper food trays, SOLUT! also offers individual portion sizes such as an 8 ounce and 10 ounce round containers made with renewable paperboard. Even these smaller portion sizes are a functional and very cost-effective alternative to traditional portion containers in CPET, aluminum foil, or Novacart-style trays.

From Freezer to Oven or Microwave

All of our disposable bakeware is dual-ovenable (microwave and conventional/convection oven) and is recommended for typical operating conditions from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for up to one hour (can be hotter or longer depending on the application).  Unlike CPET, SOLUT! bakeware can be cooked directly on the oven rack and does not get soft at high temperatures or brittle in frozen temperatures. 

Cost Effective

In addition to being a sustainable food packaging alternative, SOLUT! paper food products are also very cost-effective relative to plastic and aluminum foil materials.  Because our stock lines of food service packaging are made of paper, we can avoid the unpredictable and unprecedented constant cost increases of plastic and aluminum packaging.  Ovenable plastic trays, or CPET, are a petroleum-based product that is subject to the rapidly escalating costs of oil.  Aluminum foil production is an extremely energy intensive process that is significantly effected by the high costs of oil and natural gas used from mining the raw material to refining the aluminum into finished packaging.  These production cost increases are passed along to the buyer of aluminum foil trays.  While the cost of paper does go up over time, it increases at a much slower and more predictable rate than plastic or aluminum.  This enables the users of SOLUT! disposable bakeware and party trays to more effectively manager their packaging costs over a longer period of time.

Environmentally Friendly

All SOLUT! disposable bakeware and food service trays are manufactured in the USA with recyclable and renewable paperboard materials.  Our stock lines of sustainable food packaging are the only truly ‘GREEN’ packaging alternatives in the areas of commercial baking trays and disposable party trays.  SOLUT! also provides the convenience of disposability for all of their commercial bakeware and paper trays all at a cost-effective price.

Ships Efficiently

Unlike traditional corrugated set-up trays, SOLUT! disposable baking pans are preformed and ‘nested’ into each other to eliminate set-up labor costs and minimize freight costs for maximum shipping efficiency.  Also, SOLUT! paper baking trays eliminate the headaches and high costs associated with metal detection of aluminum foil.

Custom Print Available

Our unique corrugated paperboard technology enables SOLUT! to offer custom print capabilities for larger volume opportunities to enhance your catering, deli or commercial brand.  SOLUT! party trays are also ideal for food processors manufacturing pre-packed dessert and appetizer trays. Custom printing involves minimum order quantities, and is better suited to larger volume opportunities.

SOLUT! can provide a more cost effective solution for all of your commercial disposable bakeware and commercial paper tray needs.

Sustainable Food Packaging

Yes-our food service packaging products are recyclable and repulpable!  All of the corrugated SOLUT! catering trays, deli platters, sheet cake pans and disposable bakeware products, (with the exception of cups) are made of corrugated paper; utilizing unique, environmentally friendly, FDA compliant surface coatings and laminations.

The corrugated industry, led specifically by the Fibre Box Association and the Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA), has worked diligently to develop recyclability and repulpability standards that allow for the testing and certification of alternative material combinations. In late 2009, SOLUT! retained an independent laboratory to test some of our food service packaging products. Our Kraft Naturals and Black Elegance lines of deli and catering trays, serving platters and Black Elegance disposable bakeware products were put to the test under the stringent FBA guidelines and test protocols.  We are very proud that these SOLUT! food service packaging products were proven to meet these standards and accordingly, all these products are now certified as both recyclable and repulpable.

So, not only are SOLUT! food service packaging products made of sustainable, renewable paper fiber, but they are now also certified as recyclable and repulpable. Importantly, 87% of Americans now have access to curbside or drop-off paper recycling programs, and 57.4% of all paper in the U.S. was recycled in 2008.  Furthermore, there are now 12 million more acres of forestland in the U.S. than there were 20 year ago, all growing more fiber each year that exceeds the amount harvested and lost to fire, pests, or other causes. So, help us save the planet, and please recycle your SOLUT! food service trays.

Evidence of materials that are FBA-certified for recycling is indicated by either of the following two symbols:

All SOLUT! packaging products are manufactured using primarily corrugated paper or solid paperboard materials. Let’s take a look at these factors in detail to see how they contribute to the sustainability of SOLUT! packaging.

Renewable Resources are the Basis for All SOLUT! Food Packaging Products 

Corrugated paper and solid paperboard products are made of truly renewable resources - trees.  By comparison, over 85% of the raw materials for PET plastic are made from oil and natural gas, which are both non-renewable resources.

  • 49% more trees are grown than harvested every year in the United States (USDA Forest Service)
  • The North America forest products industry plants 1.7 million new trees every day (Sustainable Forestry Initiative)
  • 93% of all corrugated paperboard in the United States is supplied by Sustainable Forestry Initiative participants (Fiber Box Association)
  • Nearly 60% of the energy used by the US Paper Industry comes from renewable biofuels, including bark and wood residues (American Forest and Paper Association- AF&PA)
  • All SOLUT! Raw material is sourced from Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified paper mills; SFI is an independent organization responsible for the world's largest forestry certification program.

Recycled Content Used to Manufacture SOLUT! Sustainable Food Packaging

SOLUT! products contain up to 100% recycled content; and up to 95% post consumer content; and can often be modified in custom applications to satisfy customer specifications.  Please inquire regarding the specific recycled content of any particular SOLUT! product.  As an example, our  Kraft Naturals product line contains  100% recycled paper content.  For high volume applications, SOLUT! can specify 100% recycled fiber material to ensure sustainable food packaging and maximize the amount of recycled fibre content.

Recyclable and Repulpable Food Packaging from SOLUT!

The majority of SOLUT! corrugated products are certified as repulpable and recyclable by the Fiber Box Association's Voluntary Repulpability & Recyclability Standard (testing performed by Western Michigan University). As with other containers, consumers are often encouraged to rinse food waste off packaging before depositing it in a recycling bin/receptacle.

  • In 2010, 87% of Americans have access to curbside or drop-off paper recycling programs (AF&PA)
  • 85.1% of all corrugated paper containers, and 63.5% of all paper consumed in the US, we recovered for recycling in 2010 (AF&PA)
  • In 2010, only 29% of PET (#1) plastic bottles and jars were recycled (US EPA)
  • SOLUT! products have not yet been tested and certified as compostable under ASTM standards.

Less Green House Gas Emissions (CO2 carbon dioxide) Make SOLUT! Food Packaging a More Sustainable & Greener Choice

Corrugated paperboard produces 85% less carbon dioxide greenhouse gas causing emissions than PET plastic in kilograms per kilogram of material produced. (American Chemistry Council).

Trees (used to make 100% of corrugated paper and planted at a rate of 1.7 million per day in the United States), absorb carbon dioxide, thus further reducing the effects of greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainability is the basis from which all of SOLUT!’s food packaging is manufactured – a conscientious standard that we hold ourselves accountable.  We continue to provide quality disposable bakeware and catering trays that are very durable and meet environmentally sensitive expectations of sustainable food packaging.  Give us at call at (877)609-9450 to discuss an affordable solution for your standard or custom paper packaging.

YES! The Wal-Mart Packaging Scorecard is a unique and innovative system for sustainable packaging. It was developed by Wal-Mart to measure and compare the sustainability of every supplier's total packaging system for all products sold to Wal-Mart and Sam's Club within a defined product category. As of February 2008, all direct suppliers to Wal-Mart and Sam's Club are required to complete a sustainable packaging scorecard within the Wal-Mart Retail Link system. The Wal-Mart Packaging Scorecard is a tool used by Wal-Mart buyers to influence purchasing decisions based on the comparative packaging sustainability of products within a given category.

The Wal-Mart Packaging Scorecard evaluates and compares each package within a given product category in the following seven areas:

  1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  2. Sustainable Material
  3. Average Distance to Transport Materials
  4. Package to Product Ratio
  5. Cube Utilization
  6. Recycled Content
  7. Recovery Value

SOLUT! sustainable packaging options provide unique benefits in each of these areas when compared to traditional food packaging materials such as CPET plastic, aluminum foil, and traditional paperboard trays. The benefits of SOLUT! paper tray technology will significantly improve your Wal-Mart Packaging Scorecard results. In fact, SOLUT! can use the actual Wal-Mart Packaging Scorecard system to compare your current packaging with a SOLUT! alternative. This will demonstrate how SOLUT! disposable paper baking pans and foodservice trays can help improve your Wal-Mart Packaging Scorecard result.

The benefits of SOLUT! sustainable packaging evaluated by category of the Wal-Mart Packaging Scorecard system are described below:

  1. Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions: SOLUT! paper trays are made largely with unbleached corrugated paperboard. The Wal-Mart Packaging Scorecard metrics below indicate that the process of making corrugated paperboard generates far less carbon dioxide (greenhouse causing gases) than any other material commonly used for food packaging.

    Co2 Emissions per Ton (lower is better)
    Aluminum Foil 17.12401
    PET & CPET Plastic 1.76
    Polystyrene Plastic (e.g. Styrofoam) 1.84
    Unbleached Corrugated Paper 0.843544

  2. Sustainable Material: Simply stated, Paper is Good! The reality is that, among these options, paper is the only truly renewable packaging material source. Plastic is derived from oil and natural gas which are non-renewable resources. Aluminum is also a non-renewable resource. Paper is derived from trees which is one of the most renewable resources on the planet.
    - More wood grows in our nation's forests than is harvested (about 49 percent more), documenting wood fiber as a renewable resource. (USDA Forest Service)
    - The forest products industry plants 1.7 million new trees every day, contributing to the long-term viability of North American forests, preserving wildlife habitats, sequestering carbon dioxide and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. (SFI)

  3. Average Distance to Transport Materials: All SOLUT! sustainable packaging, disposable baking pans and food trays, are made in the USA. All of our raw materials are sourced from domestic (and often local) suppliers. Our 100% domestic sourcing and manufacturing eliminates the high costs of transportation and energy required by importing.

  4. Package to Product Ratio: By using fewer raw materials, SOLUT! packaging weight rates highly on the Package to Product Ratio metric in the Wal-Mart Packaging Scorecard. SOLUT!'s unique corrugated paper tray technology effectively utilizes the inherent strength in the engineered structure of corrugated paper to reduce total raw material usage, especially in large format tray sizes. Plastic and aluminum tray manufacturers must add much more raw materials to achieve greater strength. This is a very important distinction… the structure of corrugated board allows for added strength without significant added material, for instance through the use of a larger flute profile. This is sustainable packaging at its best.

  5. Cube Utilization: SOLUT! offers comprehensive custom size tray design for your sustainable packaging, prototyping and manufacturing to maximize your profitability by minimizing your costs for excess packaging, storage, and transportation costs. Typically, a company could feel pressured into using a 'stock' plastic, aluminum foil, and traditional paperboard tray because the lead-times or high tooling costs to 'right size' the packaging to fit your product have traditionally added unnecessary additional costs.

    SOLUT! can design a custom sustainable packaging to fit your product with quick lead times and low tooling costs that can be half the cost of custom tooling for plastic or aluminum trays.

  6. Recycled Content: All SOLUT! paper baking trays and disposable plates and platters can be designed to utilize recycled paper content, and even post-consumer paper fiber if desired. The Wal-Mart Packaging Scorecard metrics below reflect the fact that paper is a highly recycled packaging material:

    Industry Avg. Post Consumer Content
    Aluminum Foil 51%
    PET & CPET Plastic 3%
    Polystyrene Plastic (e.g. Styrofoam) 0%
    Unbleached Corrugated Paper 35%

  7. Recovery Value: In the Wal-Mart Packaging Scorecard, the measure of Recovery Value is based on the actual Wal-Mart recycle rate of each packaging material below; and paper clearly ranks as the best rated material for recovery.

    Wal-Mart Recovery Value (lower is better)
    Aluminum Foil 2
    PET & CPET Plastic 3
    Polystyrene Plastic (e.g. Styrofoam) 5
    Unbleached Corrugated Paper 1

    SOLUT! can deliver a unique, cost-effective, functional, and sustainable packaging alternative that will help you significantly improve your Wal-Mart Packaging Scorecard results. However, don't just explore your options to improve your Wal-Mart score, but explore your options to improve your life and our planet. Give us a call today.


Thermoformed paper trays originated over 30 years ago, born out of necessity as a result of the introduction of the microwave oven. At the time, most frozen foods and dinners were packaged in aluminum foil containers. With the advent of the new microwave technology, food processors needed containers made from materials that would be microwave-friendly. Of course aluminum foil containers could not be put into microwave ovens without dire consequences. Because paper is microwave-friendly, paper companies saw this as a great opportunity to enter a new market. In response, they developed a heavyweight paperboard coated with a thin layer of polyester, a high temperature plastic. In doing so, they developed a material that would not only prove to be microwave-friendly but could also be used in conventional gas and electric ovens, thereby creating a truly “dual ovenable” material.

Adapting the existing technology from the forming of paper plates, the original developers used this process to form this new material to produce a three-dimensional paper food tray. This tray could not only be used in the packaging of frozen foods but also for food service packaging and fast food. Because the process utilizes heated dies to form the paperboard, it quickly acquired the name of “thermoforming.” Thermoformed paper trays and containers are created via a special manufacturing process that yields final thermoformed products that are incredibly lightweight, surprisingly strong. Thermoformed paper products are fast becoming a category killer for food processors/food service packaging companies looking for a better solution.

Further, because this new dual ovenable material was recognized as being made from a renewable, sustainable resource and because as disposable cookware and bakeware it provided superior performance, it was soon replacing aluminum foil containers and high temperature plastic trays for many applications. Today, thermoformed paper trays are not only being used for frozen foods and food service packaging, but they have also found a niche as commercial bakeware when disposable baking pans are more desired than standard metal commercial baking pans or baking trays.

SOLUT! is proud to have associates who were there at the beginning over 30 years ago and throughout the years. We have continued to develop and expand the technology to new areas.

While working for a sister company, many of the current associates of SOLUT! invented and developed the thermoformed corrugated disposable paper trays. This was in response to the industry complaint that standard thermoformed or pressed paperboard trays were too weak for large format applications for commercial bakeware. Now, we have a solution that out performs weaker paperboard trays, regardless if requirements include a larger family-size food service packaging, baking or frozen food packaging.  No other company in the world has the expertise of SOLUT! in this area.

Standard thermoformed or pressed paperboard trays are made from a single layer of paper with a high temperature coating applied to one side. SOLUT! thermoformed corrugated trays are made from three layers of paper. The strength of these trays is further enhanced with the addition of paper “waves”, or flutes, placed between the top and bottom layers of paper resulting in a much thicker material.  This fluted construction makes the structure similar to an “I” beam known for its incredible strength-to-weight ratio and is used where high strength and light weight are required, for example, in bridges and skyscrapers.  

Using a proprietary process, SOLUT! produces an incredibly strong, rigid, three-layer paper material that is formed into large, three-dimensional shapes ideal for many applications like commercial baking pans, disposable party trays, and disposable food trays. Our thermoformed corrugated paper trays are affordably priced and provide tremendously more strength and rigidity. This makes it possible to produce SOLUT! paper trays in much larger sizes than could be possible than with the heaviest weights of single layer, pressed paperboard trays-all at an affordable cost.

An added advantage is that SOLUT! thermoformed corrugated paper trays provide insulative benefits to your food products keeping warm food warmer and cool food cooler. Due to the “air gap” provided by the fluted middle layer, our trays keep foods hot yet remain cool to the touch.

SOLUT!  proudly provides affordable, functional, sustainable food packaging in much larger sizes than are possible with single layer, pressed paperboard.

Thermoforming corrugated paper into disposable bakeware and trays for food service packaging is a relatively new manufacturing process. This invention was developed by several ingenious SOLUT! associates over the past several years.

Stonger, Bakeable, and Environmentally Friendly
SOLUT!’s thermoformed corrugated paper tray delivers many benefits to you. It has incredible strength even in large format food trays and baking pans and can be used in conventional ovens and/or microwaves as well as in the freezer. The corrugated tray helps insulate food, keeping ideal temperatures of both warm and cold foods. SOLUT! thermoformed corrugated paper trays have the ability to hold hot food yet remain cool to the touch.

The base material of all our thermoformed corrugated trays is paper. Paper obviously is derived from trees, a renewable and recyclable natural resource that is fully sustainable, “grown” locally in the good ol' USA, and not dependent on a foreign resource.

Corrugate makes the difference
SOLUT! thermoformed corrugated paper trays begin with a standard piece of flat corrugated “cardboard” much like a corrugated shipping boxes.  This flat piece of corrugated paperboard is made from three layers, similar to a sandwich. The top, flat layer is treated with a high temperature coating forming a barrier so no food, moisture or oils will penetrate the paper tray during the cooking or baking process. The second layer is fluted to make “waves” of paper much like a series of waves on the ocean. This fluting is what makes up the “corrugations,” and provides incredible tray strength.  The bottom layer is another flat piece of paper that may or may not have been treated with a coating depending upon the end-use application. The corrugated paper material is similar to an “I” beam, known for its incredible strength-to-weight ratio, that is used where high strength and light-weight are required, for example, in bridges and skyscrapers. 

Next, SOLUT! takes this material and cuts it into circles or rectangles.  These shapes are placed in a press and formed into three-dimensional paper trays between heated dies. The industry has named this process “thermoforming” because heat is used to shape the corrugated material.

Solut corrugated serving tray at dinner partyThe result of using this corrugated material and thermoforming process brings a new level of benefits to the food packing industry.  The three layers separated by the fluted, wave-like middle section provides incredible strength for SOLUT!’s large format commercial baking pans and trays, food service trays, disposable party trays and large-portion frozen food trays. Additionally, the “air gap” in the fluted middle layer, provides an insulative quality to our thermoformed corrugated trays helping to keep warm food warmer and cool food cooler.

SOLUT! is proud to bring this innovative technology to the food packaging industry. As you can see, we strive to bring you solutions to meet all of your paper tray needs with affordable, cost-saving pricing. Give us a call today to see how our thermoformed corrugated paper trays can improve your food service packaging.

Custom solutions Packaging

Often customers come to SOLUT! frustrated with “canned” bakeware and are in desperate need for an exact fit, a custom bakeware request.  We pride ourselves in developing the exact solution to meet your application requirements by offering comprehensive in-house design, prototyping and paper tray manufacturing capabilities.  In fact, we actually want to develop customized packaging for you. Why should you settle for a ‘stock’ plastic, foil or traditional paper trays that really doesn’t do everything you need?  Let SOLUT! help you create unique, cost-effective, functional and sustainable food packaging choice that meets all of your objectives. Give us a call today and put our team to the test. We are a creative bunch and enjoy saying in the end, “Yes, we can make that!” Custom trays frequently require investments in new tooling as well as minimum order quantities. Having said that, most tooling lasts significantly longer than plastic counterparts.

SOLUT! has developed custom paper bakeware and paper trays for a wide variety of clients including national and regional restaurant chains, national supermarket chains and large industrial food processors. More retailers and consumers today are demanding environmentally friendly packaging alternatives but at a reasonable cost. SOLUT! works together with you to match your requirements with our strengths to deliver a unique package at the right price.

Are you a national restaurant chain that needs a unique disposable food tray? 

We can provide custom printing and colors to enhance your brand. SOLUT! custom paper trays improve functionality and make it easy for the customer to handle the food tray. All of our trays are bakeable up to 400 degrees F for 30 minutes and maintain food temperature for serving. 

As an example, for some custom bakeware clients, we combined a unique print design with a customized interior coating and color, as well as designing a unique tray geometry to meet the restaurant chain’s requirements.

Are you a large commercial bakery selling to the supermarket industry? 

SOLUT! commercial baking trays are sustainable, cost-effective, and 100% metal-detectable to replace a stock aluminum foil pan. These custom baking trays are designed to be proofed in 97% humidity, 100 degrees F environment for over one hour and then are baked at 375F for 30 minutes.  An additional feature is that the product easily releases right out of the pan with no sticking. 

We spent nearly a year developing and testing many unique paper material and functional coating combinations to create a sustainable bakeware solution that provides all the functionality the customer requires at an affordable price.

We realize that the process of designing anything custom can be daunting and a bit scary. That’s why SOLUT! focuses on your custom needs.  Visit our Custom Products page to see a few examples of how we have helped our customers by successfully designing a wide range of custom-sized disposable paper trays and commercial bakeware.

With just four easy steps, SOLUT! can design your custom-sized baking pan or thermoformed paper food tray to fit your product and application.

Step 1 – We talk to you.  To begin your custom-sized design, we need some basic information:

  • Tray size: length, width, depth, volume
  • Tray function: frozen, dry, or refrigerated, dual-ovenable (microwave and/or conventional oven)
  • Tray process: Automatic or manual fill, distribution, lidding, other packaging needs

Step 2 – We develop your design.  Our product development team will take your initial information and develop a detailed, three-dimensional paper tray drawing for your review. We consider all of your requirements in developing your initial custom-sized tray.

Step 3 – We develop a prototype. SOLUT! develops cost-effective plastic tray ‘mock-ups’ that enable you to confirm the tray size and geometry chosen in the design step. We can also produce actual paper food trays for pre-production runs and test marketing. In this step, SOLUT! can create a variety of paperboard material and functional coating combinations to help you to determine the best configuration for your custom paper tray or bakeware.

Step 4 – We produce your custom-sized tray.  Since our production tooling is done in-house, your new paper tray is completed and in the marketplace in no time! Typically, our custom production tooling costs are half the price of other alternatives such as CPET plastic or aluminum foil tray tooling.

SOLUT! thermoformed custom-sized paper trays can also bring significant overall process cost savings.  For example, one of our customers had chosen a stock CPET plastic dual-ovenable tray for a new retail refrigerated cookie dough. The stock tray size was too large for the actual product but it was assumed that the high cost of custom tooling for CPET plastic trays didn’t justify the small start-up product volume. As a result, significant additional costs accrued in outer packaging, cold storage, and freight.

By providing a cost-effective, custom-sized tray that fit the customer’s product, SOLUT! was able to offer significant cost-savings by reducing outer packaging and reducing cold storage and freight costs by enabling more products to fit in a master case and on a pallet.

At SOLUT! we want to work with you to bring you the best in custom-sized paper trays and commercial bakeware. Let‘s put our heads together to develop a cost-effective custom solution.