SOLUT! Pizza Trays Reduce Plastic

Embrace a Sustainable Future with SOLUT!

At SOLUT!, we're on a mission to revolutionize the way delis and bakeries think about packaging.

We understand the unique challenges you face as managers and buyers in this dynamic industry. With growing consumer demand for sustainability and the urgent need to reduce plastic usage, SOLUT! offers innovative, eco-friendly solutions that don't compromise on quality or functionality. Join us in leading the change towards a greener, cleaner future.

Help Meet Your ESG Goals

In an era where environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals are not just ideals but business imperatives, your deli or bakery can lead the way. SOLUT!’s sustainable packaging solutions align perfectly with these objectives, offering a path to not only meet but exceed ESG targets. By choosing our products, you become a part of a movement that values the planet as much as profit, resonating deeply with the growing eco-conscious consumer base.


Eliminated over two million pounds of PET packaging per year for two national retailers.


Reduced another national retailer’s plastic use by 56% in deli and 47% in bakery in just one year.

Close the Loop with up to 95% Post Consumer Recyclables

Our commitment goes beyond just recyclable materials — SOLUT! packaging boasts up to 95% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, creating a closed-loop system that breathes new life into used materials. This not only reduces waste but also conserves energy and resources, making your deli or bakery a champion of environmental stewardship.

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Go 100% Recyclable

Imagine a world where every package has a life beyond its initial use. That's the world SOLUT! envisions with our 100% recyclable packaging. We ensure that every item leaving your deli or bakery can easily re-enter the recycling stream, reducing landfill waste and supporting a healthier planet. This commitment to recyclability is more than a feature; it’s our pledge towards a sustainable future.


50% Less plastic than typical bakery and deli packaging


100% Most products are certified(1) as 100% recyclable

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Available with suggested How2Recycle consumer labeling


Most products contain between 60%–95% recycled content

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Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified

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Made in the USA

Reduce Unnecessary Packaging — Minimalism Meets Functionality

In the world of packaging, less is often more. SOLUT’s approach is to strip away the unnecessary, leaving you with sleek, efficient packaging that reduces waste without compromising the integrity of your products. By adopting our minimalist designs, you contribute to a significant reduction in overall packaging use, demonstrating that responsible choices can coexist with exceptional quality.


Eliminate Plastic up to 50%

Reducing plastic usage in your packaging by up to 50% is not just a statement; it's a bold step towards environmental healing. SOLUT’s innovative packaging solutions cut down plastic reliance drastically, helping your business contribute to a greener world. This reduction not only aligns with environmental goals but also resonates with a growing demographic of eco-aware customers.

wasteful food packaging

Current Plastic | 115g

wasteful food packaging

SOLUT! | 60g

48% Plastic Eliminated

Meet Customer Demand for Sustainability

Today’s customers are actively choosing sustainability. With 65% of global shoppers ready to switch to stores offering sustainable, plastic-free packaging, and 86% advocating for reduced plastic use, SOLUT's eco-friendly solutions are the key. Adopting our packaging aligns with customer demands and positions your deli or bakery as a progressive, customer-focused leader.

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